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LASO Health is transforming the healthcare landscape, making it possible to get better healthcare for less, whether you’re insured or not. Y’all partnered with LASO Health to craft their messaging, digital identity, and web presence. Within the first month of our changes hitting the platform, their conversion rate has already increased by over 150%.

Before working with Y’all, LASO Health had a great idea on its hands but was struggling to gain real traction. Their messaging was unclear, further obscuring an inherently confusing topic, healthcare, their app was unintuitive and not visually engaging, and their website felt cold and clinical rather than hopeful and warm. Perhaps most importantly, despite being live for months, LASO Health had struggled to gain real traction and any sense of momentum– even with the truly life-changing benefits that they offered.

As soon as our work went live there was a seismic shift in engagement and conversions. LASO Health’s game-changing approach to helping Americans get healthcare, illuminated through colorful and accessible designs with clear and user-benefit-first language, was finally getting the attention it deserved.

LASO Health
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